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Duke University “Acid” Does What No Anti-Aging Cream Or Serum Can Ever Do:
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“Dude, your mom used to be so hot.
What happened??”

“I know, right? She looks as old as my grandma now.”

Hi, My Name is Donna Winslow.**

And overhearing my son talk about me
this way felt like a total punch in the gut.

I felt my face flash bright-red, and my knees buckle.

In that moment, I was embarrassed, humiliated, and downright hurt.

After everything I’d sacrificed for him, how could my own son talk about me like that?

But the ironic thing is…

Even though hearing how my college-age son felt about my looks was deeply painful…

I Actually Feel Beyond Grateful
I Overheard His Insensitive Comments.

And here’s why:

Because it was the reason I stumbled onto a remarkable anti-aging discovery pioneered by the Duke University Medical Center.* * * *

Experts are now even calling their discovery the anti-aging breakthrough of the century.

This breakthrough helped me look 20 years younger in only a matter of days1.

It transformed my “aging grandma” face back to “hot mom” face once again.

This discovery is so new and revolutionary, it isn’t like anything you’ve ever seen before.

And for goodness’ sake, I’m not talking about those “instant” wrinkle removers that are all over the Internet these days.

You may have been skeptical about whether those instant fixes are actually healthy for your skin.

Well, you haven’t been suspicious in vain.

In Just a Moment, I’ll Explain to You
the Sinister, But Scientific Reason...

Those “instant” products may be the
WORST thing for the health of your skin.

And it all has to do with how those “instant” wrinkle solutions actually CAUSE DESTRUCTION inside the STRUCTURE of your skin.

Many of these products actually inhibit your skin’s natural ability to nourish and repair itself.

And by the way, it’s not just those “instant” wrinkle fixers you need to avoid like the plague.

Many of the popular “healthy” beauty creams and serums are equally harmful.

You know the ones:

  • They promise to “restore” and “repair” your skin with “nourishing” vitamins and “powerful” antioxidants.
  • We’ve been led to believe that they’re “great” for our skin and that they can “help you look younger, too”.
  • But, as you’ll see, these can be just as harmful for your skin as those “instant” wrinkle treatments.

On this Page, I’ll be Showing You Why,
If You have Skin-Care Products that Promise
to “Repair” and “Restore” Your Skin…

You should throw them in the garbage right away.

And it all comes down to how those “repair” and “restore” products trigger a sinister cycle that actually accelerates aging, instead of slowing it down.

Products that keep your skin cycling between successive rounds of damage and repair…

Without resolving the underlying cause of skin damage.

Contribute to the loss of skin elasticity — the one thing you DON’T want if you’re in the fight of your life against wrinkles2.

Sadly, this devastating cycle is something many Big Beauty Brands continue to perpetuate — all for their own profit.

I honestly don’t know how they get away with it.

But By the Time You Finished
Reading this Free Page…

You’ll finally know the truth.

Unfortunately, I had bought into all that marketing hype myself.

I threw thousands of dollars down the drain, trying to fix my aging skin.

Because, let’s be honest, we’re all very concerned about how we look, especially after 35 or so.

I mean, who doesn’t want to
look as young, healthy, and
beautiful as possible?

The LAST thing you want—is to look 10 or even 20 years older than you actually are.

Think about it:

If you had the choice, wouldn’t you rather look 20 years younger than 20 years older???

Yeah, me too.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share this page with you today.

Because Looking 20 Years
Younger is Actually Possible!

It doesn’t have to be a dreamlike fantasy any more.

And it’s all because of an anti-aging discovery from the Duke University Medical Center3.

This groundbreaking research may be the single most joyful piece of news for any woman who feels she’s looking old before her time.

You see, these researchers demonstrated…

Not just how to slow down the hands of time…

But how to actually reverse the hands of time and preserve the “age-appearance” of your face.

They demonstrated in double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials a revolutionary protocol that targets the 3-dimensional structure of your skin…

Accessing the root cause of skin aging, not just the outward appearance of your complexion4.

And unlike the vast majority of beauty creams and serums…

This Protocol Doesn’t Try to ADD
Nutrients to Your Skin in a Feeble
Attempt to “Repair” Your Skin

And stop the onslaught of unwanted wrinkles.

Like I said, that outdated “repair & restore” protocol usually backfires, secretly sabotaging the 3D structure of your skin.

This Duke University protocol is a total 180° from what those big-budget beauty advertisers are hawking right now.

Since this protocol targets your 3-Dimensional Skin Structure…

It helps protect it from the #1 Age-Accelerating Force on earth.

In fact, what Duke University has proven is a revolutionary way to DOUBLE the protection against Nature’s #1 cause of wrinkle acceleration5.

When You Protect AND
Stabilize Your Skin in 3D…

It’s like a shield that protects you from the insults that deepen wrinkle lines, multiply crow’s feet, and contribute to age spots that seemingly appear from out of nowhere.

A healthy 3D skin structure naturally yields younger, healthier, smoother, more beautiful-looking skin.

In fact, since I discovered this protocol, it’s now helped thousands of women turn back the clock on their skin…

Helping them fall head over heels in love with the way they look and restoring the youthful beauty they had, back when they were college co-eds.

They’re Even Turning the Heads of
Younger Guys in Grocery Stores and Restaurants All Over the Country.

Women like Isabella who shared…

I Look 10 Years Younger!

I have literally never seen results this quickly. My skin looks firm and taut, and has an honest-to-goodness actual glow!

I look 10 years younger! It seems like the glow is somehow coming from within. I cannot wait to see if it lightens my dark spots. Will definitely recommend this to others.

- Isabella Brown, Pittsburgh

Renee was pleasantly shocked with the results…

I've Never Had Glow-y Skin Before and I Do Now.

This has helped my skin so much. I’ve never had glow-y skin before and I do now.

It’s helped with moisture, acne, wrinkles, and overall skin health.

I use a small amount in the morning after I wash my face and apply moisturizer, and before I put on makeup; then at night I’ll do a tad more after I’ve washed my face and applied moisturizer again, before I go to sleep.

- Renee Sadler, Uniondale, New York

Absolutely A Must-Have!

I love having this as part of my skin regimen.

I noticed that my dark spots/acne scars started to fade and my skin tone was more even.

My skin kept improving as the weeks passed, and I'm very happy with the results. Absolutely a must-have!

- Mia Goodall, Albany

And here’s the good news:

This New Protocol Only Takes Just
Seconds a Day and is So Affordable,
it Might as Well be Free.

  • So, if you’ve watched in horror as wrinkles and age spots seem to show up from out of nowhere...
  • And if it feels like with every new calendar year, your face ages 5 years...
  • And if none of your efforts have slowed the runaway train of aging...

Then I’ve got great news for you and the millions of other women out there struggling with out-of-control wrinkles.

On this page...

I’ll Show You Exactly How to Use Duke University’s Protocol to Potentially Look up to 20 Years Younger, in No Time At All.

You, too, can turn back the hands of time.

I Hope You’re as Excited as I Am.

So let’s dive right in.

So, back when I overheard my son Danny’s comment about looking old enough to be his grandma…

I felt like I got caught inside a nightmare I couldn't wake up from.

It was the first time Danny’s best friend was visiting our house, after graduating from high school years earlier.

I was carrying a plate of fresh, warm chocolate-chip cookies to Danny’s room when I overheard their conversation.

I knew I’d started to look older, but looking like a grandma???

I know how young guys can be, but I mean, come on.

That felt so extreme.

It Felt So Surreal, Standing There Frozen in the Hallway, Staring at the Plate of Cookies.

I took a few moments to regain my composure.

Then I cleared my throat and yelled,

“You guys ready for some cookies?”

After delivering the cookies, I went to my bedroom and had a good cry.

Then I went into the bathroom and took a long hard look in the mirror.

It pained me to admit it, but they weren’t wrong.

I knew the crow’s feet around my eyes had started forming in my 30s…

But now they looked like someone had taken a garden rake to the sides of my eyes.

And my so-called “smile lines” — when I took a hard look at them — made me look pretty grim.

Then there was the texture of my skin.

It Definitely Did NOT Feel Soft,
Tender, Young, and “Dewy” Any More.

And my age spots... nothing says “old”
like having age spots all over your face.


Worst of all, my skin had canyon-deep wrinkles all over.

As I thought about it more…

It definitely felt like something strange had happened in my late 30s to accelerate my aging.

It felt like someone had pressed the fast-forward button on the age of my face.

Now, I didn’t want anyone else’s opinion of my looks to matter to me.

But to be Honest with You… it Still Totally Did.

In fact, it had gotten MORE important, not less.

See, my husband had died in a car accident when Danny was in junior high.

Danny became my life’s sole focus.

Getting through that awful trauma together had made us inseparable.

But with Danny now a young adult…

I had a little more time and energy to try and find love again.

So when Danny and his friend commented on how old I looked…

Not Only Did it Make Me
Feel Extremely Unattractive…

It made me feel hopeless.

As I stood there looking in my bathroom mirror…

I knew I’d get over the sting of my son’s insensitive comments.

But I had bigger problems.

The hope of attracting the right man into my life, now felt extremely unlikely.

And my self-esteem plummeted.

So, with my tail between my legs, I decided to take a weekend off, to spend at the beach.

I needed some time away from home to think and to process everything I was feeling.

On one hand, I should be OK with me just as I am, right?

But Then, On the Other Hand,
I Still Had Half My Life Ahead of Me.

And I wanted more than anything
to share it with the right man.

But with my current looks… I’d be attracting guys with one foot in the grave.

Not someone tall, dark, handsome — my own age — ready to sweep me off my feet.

As I walked along the beach that weekend, my thoughts went back and forth like the waves.

“I can love myself as I am.”


“You deserve to feel proud
of how you look.”

The seesaw battle was intense.

What I was Really Debating was
How Far I Would Go to Fix My Problem.

I still had some money from my husband’s
accident tucked away in the bank.

  • Was it an insult to his memory to use it on
    a “face-lift” procedure?
  • What would my friends think if I was one of
    “those women”who “had a little work done”?

As my weekend away came to a close… I made up my mind.

I decided then and there that even though I’d tried so many products that promised the world…

But did absolutely nothing…

I could still love myself as I was AND believe I was worth the investment to feel great about my looks.

I was Ready to Go “Under the Knife”.

I spent the whole of Monday researching
cosmetic surgeons in my area.

I read through all their reviews.

I narrowed it down to 3 offices, and called to speak with their office staff.

I felt like I’d made a very informed decision.

The day finally arrived for a consultation with one of the surgeons.

And to be honest, I started to get a little nervous in the waiting room.

I mean, this was a big decision, right?

As I Sat in the Clearly-Expensive and Plush Waiting Room, I Started Thinking About All the Cosmetic Surgery “Horror Stories” I’d Read.

I thought about all those celebrities whose “after” pictures were so heartbreaking.

To pass the time and calm my nerves, I picked up a random beauty magazine from one of the end-tables.

It was a Marie Claire with Selena Gomez on the cover.

As I thumbed through the magazine, an article caught my eye.

It was about a skincare specialist in New York, whose unusual skincare methods were getting LOTS of attention.

Her Name was Cecilia Wong* * *, and the Article Called Her the “Facialist of the Future”6.

I read about how she was blending natural botanical ingredients found in Traditional Chinese Medicine with cutting-edge scientific research.

The results she was getting for her clients were astounding.

Which is why women, including runway models, A-list celebrities and Hollywood stars were traveling from all over to New York City for her facials.

I grabbed my phone and started Googling everything I could about her.

Something Cecilia said in an article jumped out at me like a lightning bolt.

She said that wrinkles typically aren’t
a “skin layer” problem, but a
“skin structure” problem.

She said the majority of skin problems were the result of dermal breakdown in the 3-dimensional structure of the skin.

Something the Big Beauty Brands either weren’t aware of or were purposefully ignoring.

Cecilia was in the Process of Developing a Natural Solution to Solve This Problem.

It was based on brand-new breakthrough
research from Duke University.

Something that could help
women experience younger, firmer, tighter skin — without relying on any strange, man-made chemicals,
or having to resort to expensive
and risky procedures.

The more I thought about what Cecilia had to say, the more I figured I owed it to myself to find out if her solution would work for me.

So I jumped to my feet, told the receptionist to cancel my appointment, and rushed out the door.

I Called Cecilia’s Office in New York
to Schedule an Appointment.

The receptionist was kind, but said Cecilia
was booked out for the next 6 months.

My heart sank.

I had a moment of panic...

Wondering if I’d live to regret cancelling my cosmetic surgery consultation so quickly.

She asked if I wanted to be placed on the cancellation list.

I figured, “Why not?”

If I was willing to spend thousands on a risky procedure... spending extra money on last-minute airline tickets would be worth it.

“Sure,” I replied.

Then Settled in for a Long Wait.

About 6 weeks later, my cell phone
rang with a 212 area code.

The receptionist said there was a cancellation in 3 days, and wanted to know if I wanted the appointment.

I took a deep breath and said, “YES!”

I bit the bullet, got my plane tickets to JFK, and reserved a room in a modest hotel in New Jersey.

Three days later, I was face-to-face with Cecilia.

  • I quickly told her my story about my son’s comment
  • About all the different creams, serums, and lotions I’d tried
  • About deciding to get cosmetic surgery
  • Then about seeing her articles and how desperate I was to know if she could help.

Donna, she said, her voice incredibly kind.

I Know First-Hand What
it’s Like to Live with ‘Ugly Skin’.

As a teenager, I used to have terrible acne and ugly, splotchy skin.

Every day, I tried to hide behind my hair.

So, woman to woman, I truly understand.

I eventually found a way found a way to address the crumbling structure of my skin.

And it healed my skin from the inside out.

Now, you have a pretty severe case of advanced dermal-aging.

I could give you one of my facials, but they’re not really a long-term anti-aging solution.

Based on everything you’ve told me and based on my most recent research…

I think you’re suffering from what some experts are now calling ‘Dermal Volatility’.

I told her I’d never heard of that.

Cecilia Told Me Her Work as a
Facialist to the Stars Centered on Targeting
the Entire 3D Structure of the Skin…

Not just the visible layer.

Now, many people know our skin has three layers.

  • The Epidermis, the outermost layer of skin, creates our skin tone, provides a waterproof barrier, and protects our bodies from pathogens.
  • The Dermis, beneath the Epidermis, contains tough connective tissue, hair follicles, and sweat glands.
  • The deeper subcutaneous tissue is called the Hypodermis, and is made up of fat cells and connective tissue7.

The layer we can see, the Epidermis, looks healthy, young, and beautiful when the structure of all 3 layers is healthy.

Cecilia Referred to it as the
3D-Structure of Our Skin.

But when this 3D-structure deteriorates, it creates wrinkles, age spots, and a rough texture.

Cecilia went on to explain that the #1 contributing factor in the breakdown of the 3D structure of your skin is ultraviolet radiation.

UV light speeds up the natural aging process, and is the primary cause of early wrinkling.

This is because exposure to UV light degrades your skin's connective tissue deep in the skin8.

Without healthy connective tissue, your skin begins to lose its strength, flexibility, and elasticity.

Skin then begins to sag and wrinkle prematurely9.

But the Most Devastating Impact
of UV Radiation Has to do With
“Oxidative Stress” or “Oxidative Damage”10.

We now know that prolonged “oxidative damage” accelerates aging in the skin.

And for good reason.

Free radicals wreak havoc on the entire 3D structure of the skin, not just the surface of the skin.

Free radicals accelerate dermal collapse.

Our skin cells are under constant attack by the oxidative damage of environmental factors such as11

UV radiation
Environmental toxins
Physical inactivity12
A diet high in sugar and carbs

And a host of other factors.

Oxidative damage pushes the fast-forward button on the age-appearance of our skin.

But You Know What Else that Means?

Cecilia went on to tell me how Big Beauty Brands
have made a killing promoting “antioxidant”
products for the skin.

When they can point the finger at oxidative stress as the “offender”...

They can quickly sell you the antidote: skincare antioxidants.

That immediately made all the sense in the world.

I told Cecilia that I tried countless skincare products with antioxidants.

Did they contain Vitamins C and E? she asked.

Yes! And I paid over $100 a bottle for them!

Don’t these antioxidants help ‘repair’ the oxidative damage happening in our skin?

Cecilia Paused and Then
She Dropped the Bombshell.

Those Big Beauty Brands are only revealing
a fraction of the real problem with oxidative damage.

See the thing you want to avoid… even more than ‘oxidative damage’ is repeating the
‘damage-to-repair’ cycle over and over and over.

Because the ultimate culprit of accelerated aging isn’t just oxidative damage…

It’s the Volatility BETWEEN Damaged and Repaired States.

This cycle between damage and
repair is now being referred to as ‘Dermal Volatility’.

Dermal volatility compounds the damage oxidative stress is causing in your skin structure.

Cycling between damage and repair wears out the integrity of skin even further.

Think of it as the ‘Rubber Band Effect’.

You know how a rubber band that gets repeatedly stretched back and forth…

Eventually wears out, right?”

Light Bulbs Started Going Off for Me.

I finally understood how, over the last 5 years,
my skin had truly taken a beating.

The stress and trauma after my husband’s death hadn’t just worn me out on the inside.

It had taken a toll on my skin too.

Plus, living in southern California compounded my exposure to pollution, UV rays, and environmental toxins.

And my stress-eating of sugary, processed foods didn’t help either!

My skin structure had certainly been the victim of dermal volatility — cycling between damage and repair on a constant basis.

It showed up on my face and it was what made my son feel like I looked like his grandmother — instead of his mom.

Cecilia, I asked, on pins and needles,

Is there anything that can stop
Dermal Volatility?

Well, Donna, it’s what I’ve been working on for the past year, and I’m so excited I could almost burst!

Cecilia explained that the anti-aging solution she’d been working on for the last year began with a research paper from the Duke University Medical Center13...

That was later published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology14.

The researchers were looking for ways to stabilize the antioxidant effects of Vitamins C and E.

See, these vitamins are two of Nature’s most powerful antioxidants when it comes to protecting the skin from oxidative damage.15

But the problem is…

These Vitamins, Like All
Antioxidants have a Shelf Life.

Their effectiveness wanes and stops
benefitting the 3D structure of our skin.

Which plays right into dermal volatility? I asked.

That’s correct, Cecilia replied.

She then explained how the researchers discovered one single compound that DOUBLED the antioxidant impact of Vitamins C and E alone16 17.

This one compound works synergistically with Vitamins C and E to help stop AND reverse the damage of dermal volatility.

It actually brings Dermal Stability to the 3D structure of the skin18

That way, your complexion isn’t a rubber band constantly getting stretched out due to repeat damage-and-repair cycles.

This One Compound is Called Ferulic Acid.

Cecilia shared with me that she believed combining Ferulic Acid with Vitamins C and E may be the anti-aging skincare breakthrough of the century.

But in order to create a true anti-aging powerhouse, your skin structure needs more than just Vitamins C and E, and Ferulic Acid.

It’s a great place to start, but I didn’t want to stop there.

That’s why I’ve spent the last year researching the right combination of compounds to combat dermal volatility, alongside Vitamins C and E, and Ferulic Acid.

That’s When Cecilia’s Assistant Came In and Said it was Time for Her Next Appointment.

Can I please get a sample of whatever it is you’re working on?

Well, it’s highly unusual, but I guess I can send you a trial bottle when I’ve got it from the lab.

That’s Exactly What I Wanted to Hear!

But then she gave me a warning.

Some of the rare natural ingredients I’m including come from remote areas of the world.

So with the global supply chain in such turmoil…

I really have no idea when I’ll get the sample, so I can’t make any promises about when you’ll get it.

Cecilia’s assistant took down my information, and I flew home to California where I settled in to wait.

It Felt Like Years, But in Truth,
it was About 4 Months Later that a
Generic Box Arrived at My Doorstep.

Inside was an amber bottle with a dropper,
and a note from Cecilia.

The handwritten note said:

Hi Donna,

The prototype of my serum is finally here. Each morning, gently rub 4–5 drops onto your dry face and neck.

Please let me know what you think of it, as we’re still finalizing the formulation. This sample should last about 30 days.


Cecilia Wong

I put some on immediately.

The serum had a smoothing and refreshing sensation.

My skin felt softer and more hydrated, yet non-greasy unlike so many other products I’ve tried.

After a couple of days, it was still feeling good on my skin, but I hadn’t noticed any big difference in how I looked.

I started getting skeptical.

  • Was I a fool to think something “new and improved” would actually work?
  • Would this be yet another product in a long line of disappointments?
  • Would I always have skin that appeared aged, and far beyond my biological years?

But I’d promised myself to give it a fighting chance, and to use it every single day for the entire month, come what may.

By the end of the first week...

I’d Noticed that My Skin had Started to Feel a Bit Tighter, Firmer, and Not Quite as Saggy.

And I noticed it especially around my eyes and my mouth.

I started to wonder if I was actually looking younger or if it was just my imagination.

By the end of Week 2, I wasn’t wondering any more.

As I woke up and looked in the mirror each morning, it felt like I was aging in reverse.

Soon, those deep lines and wrinkles that I thought had moved in for good started disappearing.

And were being replaced with smooth, tight, and supple skin.

My age spots were starting to lighten too, they became barely noticeable.

In Two Weeks, I Swear it Looked Like I
Had “Reverse-Aged” At Least 10 Years!

I could hardly believe it.

Over the subsequent two weeks, my results only got better.

By the end of the 4th week, my wrinkles had lessened, and the sagging bags under my eyes were smoothed out and hydrated.

My dark spots were less obvious and my skin felt soft to the touch.

My complexion had regained its youthful “glow”.

I even began noticing younger guys checking me out at the grocery store…

Like they had done when I was in my 20s.

My Girlfriends Started Texting Me Privately, Asking About My Anti-aging Secret.

Every time I saw them, they would tell me
they thought I looked 15 years younger.

Some even said I looked like I was back in college!

I truly felt like a new woman, just as if I had a new lease on life.

I even started to get all kinds of requests for dates, on a dating app my son signed me up for.

But most importantly, I felt my confidence come roaring back.

I smiled more. I laughed more.

I truly felt happy, content, and “loveable” again.

It all felt so surreal back then.

But the Best Part is that it’s Not Just Me Who’s Experienced These Amazing Results!

Cecilia’s serum has helped countless other women just like me and just like YOU enjoy brighter, softer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

Here are a few of their stories…

My skin is brighter;
looks smoother, more supple
and youthful.

I have tried everything from drugstore brands to
high-end luxury brands.

And I have never seen the kind of visible results that I have seen since starting to use this serum. My skin is brighter; looks smoother, more supple and youthful.

People keep telling me how amazing my skin looks, and several people have described my face as glowy.

Nobody has EVER said that I had ‘glowy’ skin before, and now I have multiple people saying it.

This will be a constant in my skincare routine, moving forward. I just really love it that much.

- Carol Willis, San Bernardino

Love having it as part
of my skin regimen...

I've been using this product for about a year now. I love having it as part of my skin regimen.

When I first started using it, I noticed that my dark spots/acne scars started to fade, and my skin tone was more even.

I feel younger and I'm very happy with the results. I honestly foresee myself using this indefinitely.

- Gilda Thurman, Oakland, California

Best skin care product I have EVER used. Bar none!

I am 64 with wrinkles, some sun damage, no blemishes. This is the best skincare product I have EVER used. Bar none!

I saw immediate results. Just to be certain I was not imagining the great improvements to my skin, I stopped using it for a while and saw my skin reverting to its wrinklier, less-glowy self.

I have returned to using it morning and night, and never looked back.

- Betty Hope, Austin

Sounds Phenomenal, Right?
Well, It’s Even Better Than That.

Because these amazing results came
without ANY negative side effects.

It’s almost like a safe, risk-free facelift in a bottle and it’s affordable enough for any budget.

The simple conclusion is that this formula helps ladies, like you and me, put an end to dermal volatility.

The greatest threat to our vulnerable skin and can help you look 10–20 years younger.

Just take a look at these amazing transformations…

I love witnessing the before-and-after differences with my own eyes!

All these beautiful women now feel like they’ve won the aging game by reversing the hands of time...

And are attracting gazes everywhere they go.

Cecilia’s Single Discovery has
Turned Everything I’d Ever Heard
About Aging on Its Head…

Especially the “You can’t fight Father Time” line!

Like I mentioned, I’d spent thousands trying all the latest antioxidant serums, creams, toners, and lotions.

Turns out, by listening to all those Big Beauty Brands, I had been playing right into the
damage-and-repair cycle of dermal volatility.

And I had become convinced my only option was to go under the knife.

I will forever be grateful that Cecilia took a chance and shared that simple amber bottle of liquid youth with me!

After that First Month With the Trial Serum, I Called Cecila and Shared My Results With Her.

She told me that the handful of other women
from her clinic whom she’d shared it with had experienced similar results.

She had also been working on making a few adjustments to the formula over the last several weeks, based on everyone’s input.

I was eagerly anticipating my second bottle, I wanted to keep the momentum of the serum going.

But Cecilia had some disappointing
news for me:

  • First, the global supply chain had really put a damper on getting the raw ingredients to her lab.
  • Second, she told me that she was going to have to put the project on hold simply because her clinic had become so busy that she just didn’t have time to vet a new manufacturer, fix the never-ending supply-chain problems and figure out marketing and work out distribution.

My heart sank.

The last thing I wanted to do was go back to looking like my son’s grandma.

Plus, I knew that there were thousands of other women out there just like me…

Desperate for an answer to the ravaging effects of oxidative damage and dermal volatility.

So, Here’s What I Did About it:

I got the full list of ingredients
for the formula from Cecilia.

Then I hired Pam, a business consultant, to work on finding reliable sourcing and to work on distribution.

When Pam brought me her plan, I took it to Cecilia immediately.

Not only had Pam identified areas to improve our sourcing, she showed us how we could distribute Cecilia’s serum directly.

Using articles just like this.

Instead of using retail distribution and bearing the “middle-man” markups that come with it!

Which means Cecilia’s miracle serum wouldn’t have the 700% markup most retail brands have.

So we could actually pass those savings on to other women desperate for a proven solution.

This way, anyone can afford to erase the years from their face without having to take out a loan to do so19.

This is why I’m so proud to give you all the details you need right now...

Introducing the ONLY serum designed specifically to fight the youth-stealing effects of dermal volatility.

It’s called Glowic

It’s the Only Skincare Product Designed to Help Your Skin Glow From the Inside Out

All by giving your skin the ideal blend of antioxidants and ingredients needed to DOUBLE your skin’s protection against the ravages of oxidative damage

The scourge of dermal volatility and restore your skin’s 3D structure that’s essential for a healthy, youthful appearance.

When you make Glowic™ part of your daily regimen…

You’ll see tighter, smoother, more youthful-looking skin in the mirror in no time at all.

It also comes with all the protective antioxidant powers you would expect as well as the capacity to tackle dark spots, redness, and signs of aging.

You’ll probably have the same thrilling sensation that I, and hundreds of other women, have had hat feeling of watching yourself age in reverse.

Looking at yourself in the mirror each day will start to fill you with pride and joy rather than dread.

When you create the ideal protective structure for your skin…

Wrinkle Lines Smooth Out, Age Spots Fade Away, and Those Crow’s Feet Get Sent Packing.

All your girlfriends will sit up and take notice and will beg you to share your age-defying secret.

You might even find that your husband or partner can’t keep their hands off you.

Or, if you’re like me, you’ll finally draw the RIGHT guy into your life because they’ll be seeing the real you.

Not the one who’s been impacted by the assault of oxidative damage and the false hope of antioxidant creams or serums...

That only serve to accelerate aging by triggering dermal volatility.

Now, like I mentioned, Glowic™ isn’t just a collection of “antioxidants” for your face like all the other serums on your counter.

And It Doesn’t Even Have a “Star” Ingredient.

What it does have is a “Star Trio” of ingredients that work synergistically to create the ideal environment for the structure of your skin.

Now, what this means is that each ingredient in this blend helps to make the other ingredients work even better!

But Cecilia had an extra surprise up her sleeve.

She loaded Glowic™ with a truly unique constellation of ingredients that help nourish the delicate structure of your skin…

Addressing the root cause of aging and forming the foundation for your
anti-aging regimen.

During her year-long deep-dive into scientific study, Cecilia had identified 5 more exceptional skin-nourishing ingredients to make Glowic™ even better.

By now, you’re probably anxious to get your hands on Glowic™…

But It’s Important that You Know Exactly
What You’re Putting On Your Face, Right?

So, allow me to introduce you to
the ingredients that make up Glowic

#1: Ferulic Acid

You’ve already been introduced to Ferulic Acid.

It’s a plant-based antioxidant that effectively neutralizes free radicals that could otherwise cause premature aging and sagging of your skin20 21.

And its superpower is to stabilize Vitamin C and enhance the nourishing benefits of Vitamin E

Making them even more effective for substantially longer22.

#2: L-Ascorbic Acid

Now, Cecilia didn’t just throw in “some Vitamin C”.

She opted for the most efficacious form of it.

It’s called L-Ascorbic Acid.

It’s one of Nature’s most powerful antioxidants.23

By itself, it’s a powerful defender against oxidative stress24.

#3: Tocopherol

In addition, Cecilia insisted on the most potent form of Vitamin E called Tocopherol.

In this form, Vitamin E is a hydrophobic molecule. All that means is that it’s not water-soluble.

Meaning that Tocopherol restores hydration by nourishing the lipid barrier of the skin and puts a stop to the evaporation of existing moisture.

The fancy word for this is transepidermal water loss, or TEWL25.

It also acts as an antioxidant, and has notable stabilizing abilities in this formula26.

#4: Niacinamide

Next, Cecilia included Vitamin B3, also known as Niacinamide.

Niacinamide improves the appearance of enlarged pores, brightens dull skin, and protects the skin from environmental toxins.

The other reason Cecilia included Niacinamide is because of its hydrophilic molecular structure.

Meaning, it attracts water from the environment, moisturizing your skin naturally.

When combined with the other ingredients inside Glowic™, it helps even out skin tone too, by addressing irregular hyperpigmentation27.

#5: Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 Panthenol is also in Cecilia’s skin-nourishing formula.

Panthenol, often known as Provitamin B5, is another hydrophilic molecule.

It acts as a humectant and conditioner that works to pull in and bind moisture to the skin28 29...

Leaving your skin feeling plump, supple, and dewy.

#6: Hyaluronic Acid

Cecilia insisted on including Hyaluronic Acid in Glowic™ as well.

The research on this ingredient only continues to grow and its claim to fame is its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.

It’s one of nature’s most powerful humectants, drawing moisture into the skin and keeping it there.30

#7: Sodium PCA

Following that is Sodium PCA, an amazingly powerful compound for your complexion.

A naturally-occurring humectant, it is derived from amino acids which are the building blocks of our cells.

It is known to be hygroscopic, or able to absorb water from the air, making it an excellent hydrating ingredient.31

It acts like a giant magnet — attracting moisture to your skin, and keeping it there.

This further strengthens Glowic™ as the superhero your skin needs to fight back against dermal volatility.

#8: Glycerin

Glycerin is the final ingredient in Cecilia’s formula.

Glycerin is a humectant that effectively balances moisture levels across the 3 layers of your skin structure helping your skin feel softer and smoother.32

Like I mentioned, Cecilia’s formula builds on the foundation of Duke University’s double-protection breakthrough…

Giving your skin structure the 3D protection and nourishment it needs to look its youthful, beautiful best.

Now, I’ve got some great news for you.

Because you’ve demonstrated your commitment to erasing years from your skin by reading this far…

Pam, who’s now in charge of operations has reserved the next 300 bottles of Glowic™ for those reading this page today.

But You Must Hurry,
Before We Run Out of Stock.

As women are grabbing up this formula left and right.

As you might have already guessed, with the world supply chain being such a mess and with manufacturing and distribution so topsy-turvy right now…

And with the word getting out about how powerful Cecilia’s formula is…

Demand will soon outpace supply.

Which means, if and when we run out of stock…

You may miss out, and end up having to wait for months at a time before we can replenish supply.

That’s why Pam has promised to reserve a special batch for women reading this today.

As long as you’re one of the first 300 people to get your order in today…

You’ll get your very own supply of Glowic™ delivered straight to your door in 5 to 7 business days.

Plus, if you complete your order today, shipping’s on us too!

Now, I Want to Put Your Mind at Ease.

There are ZERO recurring costs.
I hate those surprise subscriptions!

That’s not how Cecilia does business. You only pay when you place an order.

But I encourage you to act fast.

This batch of 300 will be gone faster than you think.

Plus, Cecilia’s so confident this is the answer to protecting your delicate skin structure…

She’s guaranteeing you'll fall head over heels in love with how much younger you look or you’ll get your money back.

We've seen women everywhere swear they see a 5, 10, even 20 year difference in how much younger they look!

So when it arrives in your mailbox...

Take a minute to give thanks that you are finally going to have the youthful skin that you thought was only in your rearview.

First thing the next morning, apply a few drops onto your dry face and neck.

Just like I did.

Then Keep Applying It Every Single Day.

And before you know it, you’ll start
to notice the years lift away.

I’d even encourage you to take a selfie each day, so you can track the transformation.

Trust me, you’ll want to capture the journey as you start to see wrinkles smooth out, dark patches fade…

And that youthful glow from your twenties reappear.

You’ll soon be hearing things like…

“You’ve never looked so good!”


“Wow! You’re looking amazing!”


“I’m so jealous of your complexion.”

Now, You’re Probably Wondering How to Get Your Own Supply of Glowic Right Away.

Plus, you might also want to know how much of it you should use each day.

There is a truly limited supply of Glowic™.

This isn’t marketing hype.

It’s simply the truth.

Each batch of Glowic™ is made in a GMP-certified facility and then it’s shipped off to be tested at an independent lab for proof of quality.

This gives you the peace of mind that the ingredients on the inside match what’s on the label.

Cecilia Wants 100% Verification that
the Serum In Every Bottle is Something
She Would Want on Her Own Skin.

Which means it’s as pure as humanly possible.

This is no easy task. Nor is it cheap.

Many of these ingredients are sourced from around the world.

And with the world economy’s supply chain on such shaky ground... delays can hit at any time.

Not to mention trade wars, and surprise tariffs and taxes.

But these are issues that you might not be aware of, unless you’re in the industry.

What’s more…

Since Word has Gotten Out About Glowic

Its popularity is stretching
our production capability to the max.

Pam is doing her best… but it means that out-of stocks are a constant threat.

When that happens, it can take 3 months to get the shelves stocked again.

It’s not unlike what happened to Cecilia’s NYC practice when she made it into Marie Claire.

You see, our manufacturing facility can truly only produce a limited amount of Glowic™ at a given time.

On top of that, since thousands of women are experiencing the
life-changing benefits of Glowic™…

They're Beginning to Order
Multiple Bottles at a Time.

They do not want to lose momentum on the
game-changing results they’re seeing each morning.

Bottom line is, it’s more challenging than ever for Pam to manage the demand.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I’m thrilled so many women are experiencing the age-reversing power of Glowic™.

But, since out-of-stocks are such a very real risk…

As a woman who’s cried in desperation after looking in the mirror, I never would want anyone to continue to suffer like I did.

Not when there’s a proven solution to fight back against dermal volatility.

This is exactly why, in just a minute…

I’ll be sharing with you how to get your own supply of Glowic™ today as a part of our “Kiss Wrinkles Goodbye” Campaign.

But Before I Get to That, I Need
to Answer that Other Question.

How much Glowic should I use every day?

4–5 drops a day is all it takes to give your skin the nourishment to support
near-perfect skin structure.

Now, you’ll want to maintain this routine for at least 30 consecutive days.

The truth is that the power-house ingredients inside Glowic™ start working on strengthening your skin structure and beautifying your skin immediately.

But… Glowic™ works best with consistent daily use.

You’ll be glad to give your skin the
age-reversing momentum it needs.

The more consistent you are, the greater impact it can have.

And because Pam keeps telling me how tough this stuff is to keep in stock…

I Strongly Recommend that You
Give Yourself Peace of Mind By Getting
At LEAST 3 Bottles of Glowic

And if you want to make sure accelerated aging doesn’t start to haunt you again by all means, you may want to consider a 6-bottle supply.

I’ll give you the strange reason why in just a minute.

Now, it’s important for you to know why we are bringing Glowic™ to market directly.

This means it’s only available here on this website.

By not selling directly to beauty counters and big-chain stores, we eliminate the additional markups to keep more cash in YOUR pocket.

  • Now, considering the cost of these unique ingredients, the fees for performing quality tests…
  • And all the other multiple expenses that come from bringing a quality product to market…

Normal retail price for Glowic™ should be about $189 per bottle.

But I simply couldn’t do that to you.

And like I said earlier, this is an AFFORDABLE anti-aging solution.

That’s Why, Right Now
and Only on this Website…

You can get Glowic at a significant discount.

Unlike so many other “beauty” solutions out there, Glowic™ is formulated with thoroughly-tested natural ingredients.

And it’s completely safe to use on your skin which is a big relief to all of us.

Because we all love knowing that what’s going on our skin is not only effective, but safe too.

What’s more… it saves you from expensive and risky procedures at a clinic.

With Glowic™, that’s a complete

Taking all that into account, $189 for Glowic™ is a bargain Compared to the cost of those expensive cosmetic procedures even if you use it for the rest of your days.

Even so...

You Really Must Take into Account All the Benefits that Money Actually Can’t Buy.

Benefits like getting back your confidence
and youthful good looks…

  • Feeling proud of your appearance when you step out your door
  • Feeling that surge of
  • Receiving endless compliments from your friends and family
  • And those lingering looks from men much younger than you.

And ultimately, for feeling like you’re living the best version of yourself.

$189 would be a small price to pay.

That being said…

You Won’t Pay Anywhere Near
$189 for a Bottle of Glowic Today.

That’s because our mission is to
help as many women as possible.

Which is why, when you order right now…

You can get your own bottle of Glowic™ with a one-time investment of just $89 as part of our “Kiss Wrinkles Goodbye” Campaign.

It’s easy to see why so many women want to keep looking amazing for years to come.

And since supplies truly are limited, we worked tirelessly to create a significantly-discounted multi-bottle plan…

Where women like you can stock up and save big by choosing a 6 bottle option.

This Option Brings Your Investment
All the Way Down to Just $49 Per Bottle.

Which means you’ll save $840, if you order right now.

Keep in mind that this unique discount is available to you on this page only also as a part of the “Kiss Wrinkles Goodbye” Campaign.

We’re covering all the shipping and handling costs for a limited time too... saving you an additional $16.95.

Keep in mind that this discount and the free shipping are only available during the campaign and only while supplies last.

So, since we have stock on hand…

I’d Recommend Choosing
the 6 Bottles Package.

Just make sure you secure your order today,
while stock is still available.

WARNING July 2022: Stock Levels Of Glowic™ are Limited.
Accept Your Reserved Bottles Above NOW Before Your Discount Expires.

Now, Once You Choose Your Package,
You’ll be Directed to a 100% Secure and Encrypted Checkout Page.

You’ll fill out a simple order form so we know where to send your order.

You’ll receive your order of Glowic™ within 5 to 7 business days.

All things considered…

Getting Glowic™ is perhaps one of the smallest, yet most impactful investments you’ll ever make in your daily beauty routine.

Soon… you’ll be able to look forward to tighter, firmer, more
youthful-looking skin.

A brighter complexion and finally restoring that dewy glow from your youth.

Get Ready to Reduce Skin
Roughness and to Love How Soft
and Supple Your Skin Looks/Feels.

All because you’re helping your body maintain
its dermal stability just like you did in your 20s.

  • Just one bottle opens the door to younger-looking skin in no time at all.
  • Three bottles guarantee you’ll see the impact for months.
  • And with six bottles of Glowic™, imagine looking your absolute best for a solid 6 months!

Go ahead and choose the option that’s best for you, while we still have supplies on hand.

And enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re giving your skin the stability and structure it needs to look beautiful... 24/7.

Aside from experiencing smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin…

Here’s why your investment in your appearance should be a no-brainer:

Your Investment Today is Also Covered
by Cecilia’s “You Must Love It” 365-Day,
100% Money-Back GUARANTEE.

Because us girls have GOT to stick together!

365 Day Money Back Guarantee!

At 5th & Glow, we are so sure of the effectiveness of our product that we are willing to put the entire risk on us. Our industry best 365 Days Money Back Guarantee states that either you're 100% satisfied, or your money back. You can place your order safely and knowing that absolutely nothing can go wrong.

Give Glowic a try and see the difference it would bring to your life. If at any time you are not happy with Glowic, just send back your empty jars and we will refund you immediately. No questions asked. We pride ourselves in our product and service and want you to be absolutely satisfied.

It's 100% Risk-Free!

It Works Like This:

Simply place your order today
and give Glowic a big fat “maybe”.

Then, 5 days from now, when Glowic™ arrives at your doorstep, start applying it to your skin each morning.

And watch how your skin will be radically transformed in a couple of weeks from now.

All by giving your dermal layer a chance to get healthy again….

Finally ending the vicious cycle of dermal volatility.

Many of our customers witness amazing results within a few short weeks.

For others, it may be around Week 4–6 that they really start to notice the difference.

Results vary Because Everyone’s Skin
Structure is in Different States of Health

But don’t you owe it to yourself to find out?

You truly have ZERO risk with this guarantee.

If, for any reason, Glowic™ isn’t transforming your skin in the way you’d envisioned…

All you have to do is call our
award-winning, US-based 24/7 Customer Support Team at

And you’ll get a full refund immediately.

Zero questions. Zero hassle.

There is absolutely no downside.

Your Investment in Turning Back
the Clock is 100% Risk-Free.

You truly have nothing to lose.

AND, we’ll give you an entire year…

12 FULL MONTHS to see if Glowic™ is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Like it is for me, and many other women around the world.

Think about it.

When have you ever gotten the chance to "just try out" something — no strings attached — even before you make up your mind?

You get to think it over,even as you add it to your daily routine.

So go ahead...

Invest in Yourself, and
Try Glowic Today, Risk-Free.

Choose the package that’s right for you now

WARNING July 2022: Stock Levels Of Glowic™ are Limited.
Accept Your Reserved Bottles Above NOW Before Your Discount Expires.

But it gets even better.

Because Today, for a Limited Time…

I’d like to give you these additional bonuses absolutely FREE when you order on this page today.

After helping hundreds of people attain “ageless” skin...

I’ve learned that skincare routines aren’t about vanity.

Sure, we all want to look younger but we want to FEEL good too.

That’s why I’ve always thought of beauty and skincare routines as acts of

And when you look at skincare this way, you are more likely to be consistent with it.

And when you are consistent, you are more likely to see the RESULTS you deeply desire.

This is why I’m so excited to offer you these free bonuses to make your whole skincare routine more enjoyable, and to enhance your results.

They include…

Bonus #1:

5-Day Skin Detox Guide ($27 value)

Look, we are all guilty of this.

There are times we sleep in our makeup, eat extra junk food or enjoy too much wine.

All this can wreak havoc on our skin.

But fear not, my “5-Day Skin Detox Guide” will make your skin feel renewed and go back to looking healthy, radiant, and youthful.

This simple guide is filled with detailed diagrams, illustrated charts, refreshing recipes...

And all the info you need to help “detox” and reboot your skin in just 5 days.

In my guide, you’ll learn…

  • The skincare routine you should perform daily, and the correct sequence to apply your skincare products.
  • Which foods to avoid, to prevent skin inflammation, wrinkles, and sagging.
  • The exact recipe for the green smoothie I drink every morning to support my skin from the inside out.
  • How to create 3 of my favorite DIY masks.
  • How much water you should drink per day for true hydration.

And a lot more!

The best part is…

You can easily download it straight to your smartphone, so you’re never out of ideas when you’re at the grocery store.

This is a $27-value product and it’s yours for free.

On top of that, I’d like to offer you…

Bonus #2:

The Ultimate Guide to an
At-Home Spa Day ($47 value)

With the amount of stress we face every day, we could all use a little more
self-care in our lives.

Yet we don’t always have extra time or extra money for a spa day.

This ultimate guide gives you the exact steps and shopping lists you need to create a spa day from the comfort of your home, for half the price.

Inside this guide, you will find:

  • A step-by-step guide for your at-home spa day.
  • How to turn your home into a rejuvenating retreat for under $100.
  • How to improve blood circulation, soften the appearance of cellulite, and tighten skin using dry brushing.
  • The secret DIY mask Cecilia gives to all her celebrity clients. My favorite plant for aromatherapy in the shower.
  • The 10-minute trick I use to revive “old” looking hands. And much, much more.

You can only access this guide during this special promotion.

It has a $47 value, but I’d like to give it to you absolutely FREE today.

As You Can See, I Want to Make Sure
You Have Everything You Need to Get
the Best Possible Results.

And I want you to FEEL GREAT doing it.

WARNING July 2022: Stock Levels Of Glowic™ are Limited.
Accept Your Reserved Bottles Above NOW Before Your Discount Expires.

Listen to What Some of Our
25,752 Success Stories Have to Say.

People like you and me who have transformed not only their faces, but their lives, with the help of Glowic:

There’s Rita from Santa Rosa...

Miracle product that made my skin glow from within...

This is a miracle product that made my skin glow from within. No breakouts while using it, and it evened out my skin tone.

My skin is better than ever, and the best thing was that this made my skincare routine so easy. I use this and afterward, a light moisturizer.

It's amazing that Glowic is so cheap for the quality it provides, this has knocked out my expensive skincare. LOVE IT!

- Rita Faison, Santa Rosa

Connie tried other products but came back to Glowic™…

My acne hyper-pigmentation faded, my skin looked bright
and glowy...

I used this serum for about a year. It was amazing. My acne hyper-pigmentation faded, my skin looked bright and glowy, and overall I was impressed with its efficacy.

Since it only lasted me a couple of months, I stopped using it and tried to find a cheaper one that worked just as well. I've used Timeless Vitamin C, NuFountain, Drunk Elephant, The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23%, and Biossance's oil-based one.

None of them gave me the results that this serum did. So I am back with Glowic.

- Connie Rudin, Louisville

Here’s what others shared…

Most of the textures were gone!

It’s great for sensitive skin! After 2–3 weeks of using this, my skin was so smooth and most of the textures were gone!

- Brooke Lensky, New Orleans

My skin started glowing and looked lovely, fresh and dewy.

This is my go-to serum.

Within weeks of using this as a part of my morning routine, I noticed a difference — my skin started glowing and looked lovely, fresh and dewy.

When an older family friend in her 70s noticed the change in my skin and asked about my routine, she immediately purchased this and within weeks, received several compliments on her skin, which she will lament has seen far too much sun.

All I can say is this is a serious game-changer for looking younger.

- Darlene Levine, Scottsdale Arizona

I often get compliments about how good my skin looks.

I put Glowic on every morning after showering. I've been using it to help fade the dark spots on my face from acne.

It leaves my skin feeling smooth, and I often get compliments about how good my skin looks. It is as good as or better than much more expensive products.

- Louise Brockett, Fort Valley

Gives my skin a youthful vibrancy that I simply enjoy.

I am 58 years old and have been using Vitamin C for a little over one year.

This by far is the best skincare-grade Vitamin C I have used. My skin has a great natural glow. Just the other day, someone commented on how well I looked, but I know she meant my skin.

My skin tone is even and the fine lines around the corners of my eye area are less noticeable. I use it morning and night with no sensitivities.

Overall, it reduces wrinkles and adds a definite glow. Gives my skin a youthful vibrancy that I simply enjoy.

- Helena Page, Nashville

Love the way it
makes my skin glow.

Simply love Glowic.

I put it on my face first thing in the morning. Unlike some cheaper Vitamin C lotions, this product also protects against UV rays because it contains Vitamin E and other antioxidants that neutralize free radicals.

I also love the way it makes my skin glow.

- Anita Cabot, Bloomington, Minneapolis

You got this...

I Urge You to Not Ignore Everything
I’ve Shared with You on this Page.

Don’t continue to let dermal volatility
sabotage your beauty.

If you ignore this breakthrough solution based on Duke University’s groundbreaking research…

Your skin will carry on suffering the damage of the repair cycle that’s making you look older than you should.

You’ll continue to feel older than your calendar years.

You’ll continue to feel like people are judging you for your wrinkles and age spots.

You’re Reading This Right Now
Knowing that Something MUST Change.

You deserve to live a life free of the
constant attack on your skin structure.

You deserve to be free of those “judging looks” when you’re in a room where other women are trying to feel better about themselves.

You deserve to not have to think twice about your wrinkles getting deeper and increasing with each passing day.

That’s truly no way to live.

Now that you’ve seen for yourself how powerful the ingredients in Glowic™ are…

  • Isn’t it time you take advantage of this breakthrough scientific discovery?
  • Isn’t it time you put your self-conscious worries to bed… for good?
  • Isn’t it time you reclaimed your youthful beauty?

Go Ahead and Secure Your Order of Glowic by Choosing the Option that’s Best for You.

And remember, your investment in YOU is protected by our 365-Day “Dermal Stability” Money-Back Guarantee

Which means you have a full 12 months to prove me right.

Your skin can start looking its youngest, tightest, firmest, and most beautiful when you simply choose the option that’s best for you.

It’s already worked for thousands of women wanting to turn back the clock just like you…

It’s Time for You to Join Them.

Choose the option that’s best for you
and I’ll see you on the other side.

WARNING July 2022: Stock Levels Of Glowic™ are Limited.
Accept Your Reserved Bottles Above NOW Before Your Discount Expires.

Still here?

I guess you have questions.

That’s cool. Here are some i hear most often...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Glowic™ for?

Glowic™ is for any woman who feels her face is aging faster than she’d like.

Wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin are all indicators of a skin structure that’s suffering from Dermal Volatility.

That’s why Cecilia designed Glowic™ with powerful, natural ingredients.

It gets to the root cause of aging by helping to support the 3D structure of your skin. It promotes Dermal Stability, to restore your skin to its plump, tight, youthful best.

The ingredients inside Glowic™ have been clinically proven to DOUBLE protection from Dermal Volatility.

Q. What Makes Glowic™ different from other anti-aging products?

Glowic™ helps protect your skin not only from the damage of oxidative stress, but also from the harmful cycle of damage and repair…

Aka Dermal Volatility.

Many products with antioxidants that claim to “repair” and “restore” skin ravaged by oxidative damage are simply making things worse…

Such skin becomes just like a rubber band that gets stretched too often, losing all elasticity.

Because Glowic™ helps promote your skin’s 3-layered structure… healthy, beautiful skin can finally be yours.

Q. How do I use Glowic™?

Apply 4–5 drops to your dry face and neck every morning, after cleansing.

Allow the serum to dry before applying other skincare products.

It’s that simple.

Q. What happens when I click the “Add To Cart” button?

Once you choose the bottle option that’s best for you, you’ll be directed to our 100% safe and secure checkout page.

We use the highest-grade encryption available to ensure your personal information stays safe.

On the checkout page, you’ll fill in your shipping and payment information.

Once your order is completed, the guys in the warehouse will begin to prepare it for shipment.

Pam has streamlined this process so you get your order within 5–7 business days.

This means your struggle with aging can become a distant memory as soon as possible.

Q. How does the guarantee work?

Glowic™ comes with an unprecedented, 365-day,
100% Money-Back Guarantee.

This means that once you’ve received your order, you’ll have a full 12 months to make sure it’s right for you.

If you’re like the thousands who have already used Glowic™… then you’re going to be blown away by the results.

But, if for some reason you’re not thrilled, it’s as simple as calling or emailing my customer support team.

They’ll refund you ASAP with no questions, and zero hassle.

Q. How soon will I see results?

Well, since everyone’s skin structure is different, the amount of time it takes to get results will vary accordingly.

For some, results occur in just a matter of weeks.

For others, they might take a little longer.

The majority of the subjects in the clinical trials I mentioned saw very noticeable results with these ingredients within 8 weeks.

But I want to make sure everyone has plenty of time to start seeing results.

That’s why we created a guarantee that accommodates every person’s skin type.

You have a full 365 days… an entire year to make sure you’re seeing the results you want.

Q. How long will Glowic™ be available?

That’s a tough one.

I’m hoping Glowic™ will continue to be the beauty breakthrough for millions of Americans for years to come.

But the world’s compromised supply chain is making Pam’s job so difficult…

And, like I mentioned, the $542 Billion “Big Beauty” Industry isn’t keen on losing lifetime customers.

That’s why it’s important for you to get Glowic™ today.

Since you’re protected by our 365-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

You have nothing to lose, except your struggle with rapidly-aging skin.

Q. I’m ready to try Glowic™. What’s Next?

Well, this is the fun part.

All you have to do is choose the package that’s right for you, by clicking one of the “Buy” buttons below.

Remember, the more you use Glowic™, the better it will work for you.

And since out-of-stocks are a constant possibility, I always recommend getting the 6-bottle option.

This way, you know you’re covered.

And, since you have a full 12 months to make sure Glowic™ is right for you… there’s zero risk for you in getting the
multiple-bottle option.

Then, once you’ve completed your order on the secure checkout page, you’ll receive your order within 5 to 7 business days.

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Those are the Most Common
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Hopefully, your question was answered there.

So, if I may, allow me to ask you an important question, when you look in the mirror 30 days from now…

What do you want to see?

I hope you don’t find this offensive, but I’ve got to speak the truth — with love.

If you don’t get your hands on Glowic™ today…

Your skin will not only look the way it does today…

It will look and feel older, drier, saggier, and more wrinkled with each passing day.

Age spots will continue to show up seemingly from out of nowhere.

And you’ll notice your existing wrinkles continue to deepen, and new ones forming overnight.

God knows that’s the last thing I want for you.

Fortunately, that Does NOT
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With Cecilia’s help, you can feel
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You’ve seen all the clinical studies, all the proof, all the reasons why giving Glowic™ an honest try is a great decision you’ll feel comfortable making today.

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Option 1:

1. Do nothing and give up – Then look back 6 months or even a year from now and realize you had the chance to make a different choice.

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Option 2:

2. Or you can try Glowic™ absolutely risk-free.

Start to see your wrinkles smooth out, your dark spots fade and that youthful glow reappear.

The choice is yours, of course, but I think it’s a clear choice.

The Fact is that You Now Have the Perfect Opportunity to Try GlowicRisk-Free…

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  • To smooth out and soften rough, dry skin…
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Donna Winslow

WARNING July 2022: Stock Levels Of Glowic™ are Limited.
Accept Your Reserved Bottles Above NOW Before Your Discount Expires.

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